What's New? Update – May 6, 2005

I seem to begin most of these updates with an apology for neglecting this column. I think I'll stop doing that and just tell you that I will update this page whenever I can. The reason for the infrequency is that so much is going on. Here's some of it in no particular order.

Lots of good things happening. I learned recently that Richard Hoffman's superb memoir Half the House, which was out of print, will be released this fall by New Rivers Press in a new and updated edition. I'll keep you updated on this, but watch out for yourself. You won't be disappointed. For more information on Richard there is a direct link to his Web site on my Resources page.

Many people are saddened by the choice of the new pope, and by the reappearance of Bernard Law as a visible spokesman for the Roman Catholic church. Survivors and their allies can only hope that this is a temporary situation. However, it has strengthened the determination of survivors and their allies to be heard and seen. Clergy abuse survivors, individually and through their organizations, are refusing to be silenced. There are several links to organizations for clergy abuse survivors on my Resources page.

A few weeks ago Thom Harrigan and I joined Mary Healy-Conlon on the Arlene Violet talk radio show out of Providence, Rhode Island. Mary is the film maker who created the important documentary "Holy Water-Gate: Abuse Cover-up in the Catholic Church". Another guest on the program was Father John Bambrick, a Roman Catholic priest who is also a survivor of sexual abuse by a priest. The host, Arlene Violet, is a former nun and former Attorney General of the State of Rhode Island. She is a smart, tough person (someone once nicknamed her "Attila the Nun"), and she is solidly on the side of survivors. She devoted a full hour of the show - during evening rush hour - to this topic. The show was impressive, as were Mary and Fr. John. I don't know whether transcripts are available or if it can be heard online, but if you are interested, you can check the Arlene Violet Web site: http://www.arleneviolet.com/ Mary's film, "Holy Water-Gate" is receiving a good deal of well-deserved attention and praise. To find out about a viewing near you, to set up a viewing, or to rent or purchase this film, see Mary's Web site: http://www.holywater-gate.com/ For those of you who have cable tv, Mary tells me that the film will be aired on Showtime On May 19th and again on May 25th, both showings at 10:00 PM. She said that survivors/families who want a copy can tape it from the broadcast.

The weekend male survivor weekend workshop in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (April 8-9) was an exciting event. Participants came from all over Florida and from as far away as California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. There was a good mix of men and they worked hard, took risks, supported each other, and even had fun. The organizer is planning to make this a regular event, perhaps holding it in various parts of Florida.

Preparations are well underway for my three trainings and male survivor weekend workshop in New Zealand (May 30th through June 5th). There are still places available for anyone interested. I'm excited to be returning to this wonderful and beautiful country, seeing old friends and colleagues, and meeting new ones. For more information and registration, click on the Events page.

This is a big travel year for me, and I'm also looking forward to returning to England this summer for the second Healing the Healers Retreat and the second Victims No Longer men's recovery weekend, this year to be held in the Lake District. If you are interested in attending either of these events, I suggest contacted Bob Balfour as soon as possible. The information is on the Events page. Unfortunately the event planned for female survivors that was to have been facilitated by women from Colchester Rape Crisis had to be canceled. I hope it will be revived at a future date.

Donald D'Haene, author of the memoir Father's Touch, was a recent guest on an online radio show. I believe the program can be listened to online. For more information see Donald's Web site:http://www.fatherstouch.com/ or http://www.worldtalkradio.com/archive.asp?aid=3579

"Expanding Horizons: Reaching Out, Receiving More", the 25th annual Conference of VOICES in Action will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 14-17th. I plan to attend and hope to see many people who have been important to the survivor movement over the past 25 years - and to meet new people. It hasn't yet been decided what I will be offering at the conference, but I'll post the information as soon as it is decided. For more information about VOICES and the Conference, go to: http://www.voices-action.org/index.html

I wrote an article for therapists/counselors that appeared in the November 2004 issue of Contemporary Sexuality (Vol. 38, No.11), the publication of AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists). The title is "Adult Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse: Sexual Issues in Treatment and Recovery". Interested professionals can earn continuing education credits (CEUs) by reading this article. For more information: http://www.aasect.org/

While I'm reminding you of events, I may as well repeat you that this summer (August 12-14) will mark the 15th consecutive year that I will be facilitating a male survivor recovery weekend at Kirkridge Retreat Center in the Pocono Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania. The Kirkridge weekend is always a treat, and Thom Harrigan and I believe that this 15th anniversary will be extra special. Again, I look forward to seeing men from past workshops and welcoming new participants. Details on the Events page or from Kirkridge: http://www.artstreetdesign.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=003&Product_Code=081205

Well, I think that's enough for now. I wish you all the best.

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