What's New? Update – April 5, 2004

I have been impressed and moved recently by meeting a number of intelligent and courageous young people. They include a 16 year old who is testifying against a powerful city official who abused him, and the many gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered/questioning youth, and their straight allies, who attended the 11th annual True Colors Conference on March 25th and 26th. Central Connecticut State University played host to 1500 people who attended this event - mostly high school students from Connecticut and elsewhere in New England. Their caring, dedication, and energy were demonstrated most profoundly by the participants in the workshop that Robin Moulds and I facilitated for youth who have been sexually abused. Their bravery, honesty, and mutual support brought me hope for the future of the survivor recovery movement. Such strength in the face of massive hurt experienced on many levels (sexual abuse, homophobia, physical violence, and more) must certainly lead to victory in their lives.

Check the Events page for details about “Listen: 24 Hours of Survivors Stories” a day long reading in New York City sponsored by the New York City Coalition Against Sexual Assault April 13-14th. For information about how to observe the event or participate in the reading, contact Kate Woodrow at kwoodrow@nycagainstrape.org . I hope this will be the first of many such days throughout the world.

The fully revised and updated Second Edition of Victims No Longer will be available within the next few weeks. I’m very pleased with this new edition; it is significantly expanded over the original version. And (for those of you who judge a book by its cover) it has an inspiring new cover photograph. I will be posting a picture of it as soon as I can, but in the meantime you can have a look (and even order it) on amazon.com or through your local bookstore.

The other writing project I completed recently is an online course for professionals on working with male survivors. Individuals can earn continuing education credits for taking this course. I’ll post the specific information as soon as I have it.

Despite some setbacks, there have been many recent triumphs for people in recovery, including recent settlements by the Boston Archdiocese with survivors of clergy sexual abuse. There is much reason for hope. As Spring pokes out its tentative head in Boston (in the form of early bulbs), I hope that a glorious, protracted Spring will brighten your garden and your heart.

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