What's New? Update – February 16, 2005

Since the January update, I have a number of things to recommend.

I attended a showing of a new documentary film about clergy sexual abuse and cover up in the Roman Catholic Church in the United States. The film by Mary Healey-Conlon, called “Holy Water-Gate”, is moving, well made, and well worth seeing. If you are interested in more information, visit: http://www.holywater-gate.com/story.shtml

I have received several new publications, notably:

Survivor: The Long Journey Back from Abuse by Peter Andrews (2004. Peterborough, UK: Inspire) a memoir by an English male survivor. Mr. Andrews is a journalist and writer, and tells his story in a clear, honest, and moving voice. He is also the founder of The Lantern Project (see the direct link from the Resources page).

The Lantern Project, in association with HAVOCA, has produced Proud to Be Me: A Survival Guide for Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse. This excellent is available through The Lantern Project and HAVOCA’s Web sites.

Together We Heal: A Real-Life Portrait of Recovery in Group Therapy (Second Edition) by Szifra Birke and Kathy Mayer (2004 Haverford, PA: Infinity Publishing) presents 10 people’s experience in a therapy group for adult children of alcoholics. It provides an easily accessible sense of the importance and power of group work.

Watch for Richard Gartner’s forthcoming book, Beyond Betrayal, due out in April from Wiley. A New York City psychoanalyst, Dr. Gartner is a past president of MaleSurvivor.

I have also received but have not yet read:

Coping with Trauma: Hope Through Understanding (Second Edition) by Jon G. Allen, Ph.D. (2005. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Publishing).

Scout’s Honor: Sexual Abuse in America’s Most Trusted Institution by Patrick Boyle (1994. Rocklin, CA:Prima Publishing).

Survivors& Partners: Healing the Relationships of Sexual Abuse Survivors by Paul A. Hansen (1991. Longmont, CO: Heron Hill Publishing).

And speaking of books, I’m very pleased by the number of communications I have received telling me how much people like the revised second edition of Victims No Longer. These responses justify the long days of revising and updating. Thanks for the input.

I have also added new links to the Resources page of this Web site, including RAINN and Stop Prisoner Rape. Take a look.

And here is an update on the April 8th-9th male survivor workshop in Ft. Lauderdale. You can get more information and register online at the Web site of The Center for Essential Change: http://www.essentialchange.org/workshops

I look forward to doing a workshop for survivors of sexual abuse at the annual conference of True Colors, Inc. on Friday, March 18th. True Colors is the organization of Sexual Minority Youth and Family Services of Connecticut. http://www.ourtruecolors.org/

The other upcoming workshops and trainings (in New Zealand and England) are generating lots of interest and strong early registration. People are coming to the events in New Zealand from Australia, Japan, and England. Folks from Norway, Switzerland, Spain, and the USA have already registered for the UK workshops. I suspect that those who procrastinate will find themselves shut out. (Is that a subtle enough hint?)

It is hard to believe that our August male survivor weekend in Pennsylvania will mark the 15th consecutive summer we have held this event at Kirkridge. I’ve asked them to supply an anniversary cake.

And I just learned that our Healing the Healers 2 retreat in England (June 26th-29th) will include six counselors from Sandyford Initiative, a sexual health clinic in Glasgow, Scotland that recently received 2 year’s funding from the National Health Service to set up a specialized counseling service for male survivors. Exciting news! http://www.sandyford.org/index.html

Interest in male survivor issues remains high. I’ve received from individuals and organizations in Vancouver and Prince Edward Island (Canada), New York State, Minnesota, Texas, and Oklahoma inquiries about possible trainings and workshops. There are also possibilities of events in Quebec and Switzerland. And I have been approached by someone interested in doing a French translation of Victims No Longer. (Now we need to find a publisher.)

While the interest lags far behind the need for services, these are encouraging signs.

Take care.

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